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February 18, 2018

005 Talking Biotech in Washington DC


This week’s Talking Biotech discusses a recent trek to Washington DC, where Kevin Folta, Chris Barbey and Alejandra Abril Guevara answered questions for the US House Science, Technology and Space Committee.  The three has a conversation about the experience, including the challenges and surprises of working with lawmakers.  The importance of outreach and communication strategies are discussed.

The second part is an interview with Andrew Wamsley from American Farm Bureau. The current state of ag biotech topics, such as labeling, regulation and new products, are discussed.

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1 Comment on 005 Talking Biotech in Washington DC

  1. Your colleagues/students are AWESOME, Kevin. Good job all around. I’m so glad they have the chance to educate legislators. And what a great educational opportunity for them. They sound–as we say here in Boston: wicked smaht. I’d be impressed if they came into my office.

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