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January 20, 2018

007 Stopping Avian Flu Spread; Potato Origins

coverphotoThis episode of Talking Biotech features stories of genetically engineered chickens that do not spread the avian influenza virus. This year over 45 million birds have died or have been euthanized because of illness from the avian flu. Prof. Helen Sang of the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland is part of the research team that engineered chickens using a clever strategy– they can catch the virus and become ill, but they do not transmit it. She discusses the technology and its hurdles to commercialization.  In the second segment Dr. David Spooner from the USDA ARS and University of Wisconsin talks about the origins of potatoes, the evidence of his path to domestication, and aspects about the future of potato biotechnology.  Special guest co-host Amira- Executive Chef.

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1 Comment on 007 Stopping Avian Flu Spread; Potato Origins

  1. Ugh. Another example of fear-mongering activists causing delays to beneficial research. It is very frustrating.

    There’s another avian GMO that could prevent culling chicks. This is one I’d really like to see become available. I’m not particularly squeamish, but even I have trouble watching the grinding up of the male baby birds.

    Again, because of activists, we may never see this valuable solution make any progress.

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