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February 18, 2018

009 Don’t Let Dr. Oz Tell YOUR Story– Teaching the Public about Farming


Ag professionals know their businesses and on-farm practices better than anyone. However, they don’t tend to share their story in public space, allowing others (including unscrupulous hucksters and activists) to warp their reality.

How do we get the real experts excited about communicating about new technology, and how it is used on the farm?  New innovations in crops and animals stand to improve productivity and quality of farm products, with benefits to farmers, the consumer and the environment.

This is the topic of Dr. Kevin Folta’s presentation to the Florida Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Symposium in Naples, FL, July 18, 2015.  An accompanying slide show is available at .  Please use it to talk to others, especially family, concerned friends, and people that need to understand the value of biotech innovations.

Innovation goes to application with communication.


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4 Comments on 009 Don’t Let Dr. Oz Tell YOUR Story– Teaching the Public about Farming

  1. Just FYI. this podcast seems to cut out after your introduction. There is no sound after 4:31.
    Many Thanks,

  2. Perhaps the waste from a phosphatase GMO pig with would really benefit an industry reliant on fecal fertilizes to reduce phosphate waste and run-off. If I can only think of an industry that doesn’t use synthetic fertilizers.

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