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February 24, 2018

012 Genetically Modified Mosquito Control – Careers in Plant Breeding


This week’s podcast discusses Kevin Folta’s public records situation for 60 seconds.

That is followed by a talk with Dr. Andrew McKemey from Oxitec in Oxford, England.  Oxitec has a technology that allows rearing of male mosquitoes that transmit a gene that disrupts offspring from developing.  This technology has been show to work field situations, providing potential solutions to mosquito-borne disease.  Dr. McKemey describes the technology and addresses ecological concerns.

In the second part Dr. Phil Stewart from Driscoll’s Strawberry Associates talks about careers in plant breeding.  There is a desperate need for plant breeders in both industry and academia.  These high-paying, satisfying careers outnumber the supply of graduating students to fill the positions. Dr. Stewart discusses his job, the required preparations, and how interested students can target these lucrative and fulfilling career paths.

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2 Comments on 012 Genetically Modified Mosquito Control – Careers in Plant Breeding

  1. This is fascinating. I’m so glad you asked about the animals that eat the Mosquitos. That was what I was wondering about. Thank you, Dr. Folta. You make it much easier for a layman to understand and you seem to know to know exactly the questions we want you to ask.

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