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January 20, 2018

014 — Biotech Solution to Citrus Greening Disease; Your Questions Answered

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This week’s Talking Biotech features discussion of Huanglongbing (HLB) also known as Citrus Greening Disease.  The disease is devastating Florida citrus, and is causing a massive hardship on the State’s iconic industries.  We are joined by Ricke Kress from Southern Gardens Citrus, one of the largest producers and processors.  Southern Gardens has experienced massive losses from citrus greening, losing over 800,000 trees.  They are now in the process of deregulating the first genetically engineered citrus variety.  A gene from spinach moved to citrus trees confers tolerance to this disease, and the plants are asymptomatic and productive so far.  This is another excellent example of how these technologies, developed by small companies or universities, can solve issues that help ensure future delivery of fresh, healthy fruit.

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2 Comments on 014 — Biotech Solution to Citrus Greening Disease; Your Questions Answered

  1. I have genuinely enjoyed your podcasts.
    The actual bonus is that I’m always surprised and impressed by the music here. So I have a non-biotech question for you.
    There is a tune in podcast number 14 about citrus greening, that starts at about 42 minutes and five seconds.
    What is the name of that tune?

    It had me tapping my foot–even through Vern talking over it. I have heard it before. I just don’t know what it is .

  2. Hey thanks. That’s Cliff Nobles and Company, “The Horse”. I don’t know why it is called that. You’re inspiring me not to be lazy and keep searching for more cool stuff to use as music beds. I should be crediting them in the body of the podcast I think. Here’s a youtube link to the whole song:

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