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February 24, 2018

024 Biotech & Tomato Breeding – Social Media on the Farm


Improving plants with biotechnology is not just genetic engineering, it is using tools of molecular biology and genomics to guide traditional breeding strategies.  In this episode Dr. Harry Klee from the University of Florida discusses how the Plant Innovation Center utilizes such strategies to breed tomatoes with superior flavors.  In part two, University of Manitoba student Chelsea Boonstra discusses how a classroom assignment turned into a social media sensation, and became the public face of her family’s dairy operation.  We discuss the role of the farmer as a trusted source of ag information, and the importance of telling their stories using online media.

Dr. Klee’s website – Here’s where you can get tomato seeds for a small donation to the breeding program! 

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More Chelsea Boonstra:  Chelsea’s Boonstra Farms Video on YouTube   On Twitter:  @cboon6 or @forevrfarmgirl


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4 Comments on 024 Biotech & Tomato Breeding – Social Media on the Farm

  1. Great Podcast. By far the loudest whine about store bought tomatoes is lack of flavor. The new approach I hope will give us an ass kicking tomato. A flavorful tomato could be the killer app for GMOs. Who could possibly be against that?

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