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February 18, 2018

028 All About Bt!

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If you tell a stranger that something called “delta endotoxin” is as close as it gets to a miracle, they’d likely respond in one of two ways.  They’d either want you to seek counseling, or find out if they can get it injected into their faces.  Humans have love-hate relationships with toxic compounds, and delta endotoxin, or “Bt toxin” is no exception.

This natural protein is toxic to a specific suite of pests, namely caterpillars that consume ag crops.  It has been understood for decades and is widely used in organic farming.

It also is the protein used to protect corn and cotton from insect damage, and now is being used in eggplant in Bangladesh.  The use of this natural insecticide has massively cut the use of broad-spectrum insecticides.

Today on the podcast it is a pleasure to talk to Dr. Fred Perlak.  Dr. Perlak worked with Bt from the beginning.  From understanding its role in insect physiology to identifying the gene, to helping introduce it to plants, he knows this topic as well as anyone.  We discuss history and applications.

In the second half your questions are answered.


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1 Comment on 028 All About Bt!

  1. Very interesting! Had heard of Bt and Bt corn, but hadn’t really thought much about what it is. Now, “I get it”. Thanks for covering this topic.

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