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February 18, 2018

034 Strawberry History and Improvement; Favorite Sites

Strawberry is a popular fruit with tremendous commercial value, and while everyone loves a good strawberry, are they actually getting better? This week’s podcast talks to Dr. Jim Hancock, strawberry breeder from Michigan State University.  Dr. Hancock explains strawberry’s wild history, from cultivation by indigenous people in Chile, to colonists moving them around the world, to spies taking them home to the king.  Modern challenges and solutions to sustainable production are discussed.

In the second part of the podcast professional speaker and agvocate Michele Payn-Knoper (Cause Matters Corp.) talks about effective ag communication and her favorite places to find good information on science and agriculture.  — — Foodie Farmer 


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“My Favorites Things” cover by Gyu-Ho Lee.   Amazing guitar work on YouTube under gyu5730

1 Comment on 034 Strawberry History and Improvement; Favorite Sites

  1. Good luck to strawberry breeders working on soilborne pathogen resistance. I wish that the use of Genetic-Use-Restriction-Technology was allowed. From my understanding it would basically eliminate the risk of hybridization between GM cultivars and wild accessions that was brought up.

    Great conversation about communication as well.

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