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February 18, 2018

035 Exploring the Unnaturally Delicious

035 luskThis week the Talking Biotech Podcast shares an intriguing discussion with Dr. Jayson Lusk.  Dr. Lusk is an agricultural and food economist at Oklahoma State University.  He has analyzed many facets of consumer choices, consumer behaviors, and the potential costs of policy change in agriculture. More importantly, he is a sought after speaker and author, sharing his expertise and experiences in many industry and public forums.  He is a prolific author, and his books The Food Police and Unaturally Delicious are written for a familiar audience and contain interesting and colorful stories about the past, present and future of food technology.


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1 Comment on 035 Exploring the Unnaturally Delicious

  1. I think you should keep the name of the podcast. It is too much work to go back and re-carve all of those Chipotle bathroom doors.

    There were a lot of interesting points brought up in this episode. I’d like to find the results of some of these surveys so I can cite them in the future. Also, Dr. Lusk articulated the opportunity cost from the hostile cultural environment quite well.

    Florida’s Natural orange juice recently adopted a voluntary GMO-free label. I can’t see how this isn’t a case of them hurting their long term interests, considering the pathogen challenges that the Florida citrus industry faces. Thanks to both of you for this episode.

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