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February 18, 2018

039 What a Plant Knows

 039 Chamowitx
It is so wonderful to share the time with Prof. Danny Chamovitz.  He’s an accomplished researcher, a successful Dean, and leader in Israel’s agricultural research enterprise.  He discusses his book, What a Plant Knows and describes plants as beings in tune with their environments, planning to adapt to change on demand.  He’ll change your perspective on plants for ever.  He also talks about his lab’s research and the climate toward biotech in Israel.

We’ll also take a look at Miles Greb’s comic, After the Gold Rush, a science-based comic that emphasizes its scientific precision in telling a compelling sci-fi story.  It is more sci than fi.  Check out @GoldRushComic


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1 Comment on 039 What a Plant Knows

  1. That was a great chat. I am looking forward to the results on the responses to GMO food!

    I wanted to write this quote by Danny down, though, so I get it right [~45min]:
    “I find it morally reprehensible, completely morally reprehensible, the fact that we are willing to withhold a technology that can save people’s lives….The greatest example of this is the use of pesticide resistance in China…Chinese farmers were no longer poisoned by pesticides.”

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