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December 15, 2017

042 The National Academies Report Summary


The Seralini Rats make an appearance a the NAS Report Summary.

A report on Genetically Engineered Crops was commissioned by the National Academies of Science, and a committee was convened to review the current literature.  The committee also considered testimony of experts, including self-described experts. A wide range of opinions were considered.

This week’s podcast summarizes the findings of the committee, along with specific questions to Dr. Neal Stewart, a member of the NAS committee.

The podcast concludes with Dr. Stewart’s song on genetic engineering.  You can read more about his philosophy of how science and music mesh here.

The NAS Panel member presentation was edited, mostly to remove crowd noise or references to slides you can’t see in an audio podcast.

5 Comments on 042 The National Academies Report Summary

  1. I stopped listening to podcast at “the extraordinary *wide* range of experts” a blatant outrageous LIE Experts in medicine of animals who these creations are tested on and who primarily eat them–veterinary medical experts were excluded, which is why the report is nothing more than a bad joke.

    The consensus you speak of can only be maintained by excluding real medical experts who can evaluate the adverse impacts of these mutants on animal health; as well as a group of independent scientists who wrote a peer reviewed journal article stating very clearly that the consensus is a figment of Monsanto’s et al’s imagination.
    The NAS is under the influence of…wait for it…politics and money!
    Now that the NAS managed to turn chicken shit into diamonds by relying on incompetent non-experts (
    When is the real NAS report coming out?

    • Ena, if you believe that Sustainable Pulse is a better source of scientific information, then you really should spend time there, and please don’t worry about this podcast. I’m asking you, again, to please not post harassing statements on my pages. Any medical expert that is out there could create quite a name for themselves if they had legitimate evidence of danger from these products. It simply does not exist, and we’re always watching. A safe food supply is my priority, along with hundreds of thousands of other scientists and physicians.

      Again, your persistent trolling of my pages and accounts is not welcome. I will ask you again, please refrain from posting on my pages. We are working toward legal action if it continues.

  2. Your GMOs are so safe…you rely on CENSORSHIP to maintain the delusions in your echo chamber. Congratulations…the public will be well served by banning and rejecting all GMOs, rejecting calls for funding you all and sell -outs who are making a living creating them.

    • Ena, I’ve asked you very kindly to please stop harassing me. Now you are doing it here on the podcast site, and I need you to stop. Please do not post here. Thank you.

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