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January 20, 2018

060 Toward Sustainability: A place for GE in organic production?


Dr. Mark Williams has extensive training in molecular biology.  He also is interested in sustainable crop production, and leads training in organic production at University of Kentucky.  In this interview he speaks about the intersection of these areas, touching on how what have been treated as disparate approaches really fit well together.  Dr. Williams touches on  gene editing, food labeling, environmental impact, and how education efforts need to focus on sustainable agriculture using the best tools going forward.  Hosted by Dr. Paul Vincelli

  Also, Chelsea Boonstra and The Boonstra Report.

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1 Comment on 060 Toward Sustainability: A place for GE in organic production?

  1. My issue with saying new gene editing techniques are “not like traditional GMOs” is that it keeps the misconception that traditional genetic engineering is bad in itself. So what’s stopping antis from saying CRISPR is bad as well, on the same irrational grounds? They’re already doing it; Greenpeace is lobbying the EU to have New Breeding Techniques regulated under existing GMO legislation, which would effectively nip them in the bud for the entire EU.

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