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January 20, 2018

075- Food Truths- Debunking Myths, Celebrating Abundance

Hormones, antibiotics, GMOs…  A trip to the grocery store is a battle against fear and guilt.  From marketers to activists, there is a concerted effort afoot to use fear, shame and guilt to shape consumer food choices.  Sadly, this is happening at a time of unprecedented abundance, yet a time when farmers are facing difficulty in competing against low prices and endless regulation.  Michele Payn is a popular speaker and author that is here to talk about her book Food Truths.  The book analyzes the hot areas of public controversy, and uses scientific evidence and on-farm common sense to separate fact from fiction.

Twitter:  @Mpaynspeaker

Website:  Cause Mattters

Buy the book:  Food Truths from Farm to Table


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