June 26, 2017

076 – Transgene Flow

This week’s podcast is an important discussion, a cautionary tale of what can happen when genetically-engineered crops are introduced to the environment.  Circumstances may lead to release of the transgene into sexually compatible wild plants, leading to its persistence in non-crop species.  Dr. Carol Mallory-Smith from Oregon State University has analyzed gene flow in grasses, and was the perfect match for understanding the issue of gene flow from genetically-engineered, roundup-ready, creeping bentgrass in Oregon.  Her work has detailed how a genetic engineering plan to aid the consumer resulted in unwanted environmental impacts. Dr . Mallory-Smith’s work demonstrates that transgene escape and gene flow need to be carefully considered when establishing trials and during deregulation of GE crops.  Hosted by Dr. Paul Vincelli.

Website:  http://cropandsoil.oregonstate.edu/content/carol-mallory-smith

The paper discussed can be accessed here.

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