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January 20, 2018

091 – Early Molecular Biology / Nobel Laureates’ Social Mobilization

Today’s genomics explosion has foundations in seminal discoveries in molecular biology almost 50 years ago.  Today’s guest, Sir Richard Roberts, was a pivotal figure in a number of these areas. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1993 as a co-discoverer of the intron, a part of many eukaryotic genes that contains no protein-coding function, yet can have important roles in a gene’s structure as well as mRNA stability and processing.  He shares his memories of the methods that led to the discovery of introns and restriction enzymes. In the second part of the podcast he discusses the important role of the Nobel Laureates as agents of social change.  As decorated experts, the Laureates have provided leadership in a number of social issues, including pressing for application of biotechnology application.

Hosted by Chris Barbey, Graduate Student in the Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Program at the University of Florida.

Twitter:  @ChrisRBarbey

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2 Comments on 091 – Early Molecular Biology / Nobel Laureates’ Social Mobilization

  1. AT least he admitted to using his Nobel as a tool of authority- the most telling fact was his choice of wording “bully” (pulpit). Discovery of introns and commercialization of restriction enzymes do not a moral authority make. You are the criminal against humanity…making blatantly false statements and corrupting science for your own vested interests. Knowledge of introns does not a veterinary or human medical expert make, nor a geopolitical, social, economic expert. You make a great example why the Nobel Prize has been given out to people who should have their Nobel revoked–along with the guy who got a Nobel prize for lobotomies. You like GMOs? You with your nonexistent medical degree deemed all GMOs safe?
    All drugs are not safe–in spite of Four Phases of Clinical Trials, they’ve been taken off the market after killing thousands of people. GMOs are in PRECLINCIAL fact they should have never been commercialized.
    If you bring lobotomies back you will sell the public being used as laboratory animals to enrich self interested science-business people, on being your personal guinea pigs.
    Evidence based Medicine (the field of science) professionally trained in clinical safety of GMOs says : GMO safety can only be proven through traditional standards of Science-Based/ Evidence Based Medicine–the lowest level of evidence in EBM are RCTs (of which there are none) followed by meta-analysis. When you can link me to meta-analysis on safety of GMOs to animal and human patients, your absurd assertions & accusations ring true.
    Your Nobel is still not a medical license and your intron/ restriction enzyme expertise does not grant you a medical license from national, state or international authorities.

    Science is the belief in the ignorance of “experts” and infinite cynicism in self-serving claims of Nobel Prize winners with vested intellectual, social and financial interests

    • This sure sounds like Ena Valikov. The ignorance is profoundly recognizable and I’m not going to dignify it with refutation. I’ll just ask kindly to please keep your trolling over on twitter and other places. This is a scientific forum. Thank you.

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