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December 15, 2017

093 – Ben and Jerry’s Roundup

A story exploded in the New York Times claiming that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and a potent herbicide, was detected in 10/11 flavors of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.  The anti-biotech universe propagated the story, implying a dangerous threat from this historically socially responsible product.   There are several important questions here.

  •  Is this an appropriate way to report scientific findings?

  • Are the results reliable?

  • Why was Ben and Jerry’s targeted by this activist effort?

Today’s podcast is a conversation with Dr. David Oppenheimer, a professor who understands the science of the technology.  Lactation and milk specialist Dr. Shelley McGuire also discusses the appropriateness of the publication and the methods actually required to make such claims.  The story is a fascinating discussion of how we should report science, tied to how activists are now apparently using the media to destroy the reputations of brands that do not capitulate to their demands.

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2 Comments on 093 – Ben and Jerry’s Roundup

  1. Thanks Kevin! I didn’t believe a work of this nonsense. Looking forward to my next pint of Ben& Jerry’s. SCRUMPTIOUS!

    • Let’s just say there is no evidence to support the position that the product is harmful. That is a very scientific statement based on the data presented.

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