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January 20, 2018

106 – Food Security, Biotech, NGOs and Africa


In today’s podcast we speak with science journalist and author Mark Lynas.  Mark has been a central figure in the discussion of biotechnology, particularly in regard to its role in ensuring food security in the Developing World.  In the 1990’s and early 2000’s you could find Mark destroying test plots of genetically engineered crops.  Later he would reconsider his view, and support the technology, especially as it can be applied to help issues of food security.  Mark discusses the situation on the ground in Africa, the various threats to production, the innovations that can address them, and the resistance toward adoption of new technology. 

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3 Comments on 106 – Food Security, Biotech, NGOs and Africa

  1. Back in 2011, Mark Lynas wrote and published an article in the UK Sunday Times titled and arguing that “to abolish hunger and malnutrition, Africa must embrace GM technology.”
    I responded to the deceitful and idiotic claims made by Mark Lynas in a 28 page letter (link enclosed below). Unsurprisingly, Mark Lynas has failed to respond to my letter to this day. Meanwhile, Mark Lynas continues to publicly spew, promote and spread deceitful and fraudulent pro-GMO industry propaganda in Africa and in the media:

    • Arya, I can understand why not. I have not looked at the doc, but in the spirit of fairness I’ve approved it to be posted. I know from my FB page that you can be a hostile person incapable of listening or learning, and that you have ideas that don’t fit with science. We’ve been there.

      If you are interested in an honest dialog perhaps that can be facilitated. However, if you posted this in 2011 my guess is that all points are well answered. I’m not interested in a Gish Gallop, but as always, am glad to answer questions.

    • OK, I read the first two pages. You accuse him of working for industry and the evidence you present is awful. You were rude and uninformed. I understand why he didn’t dignify it with a response.

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