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January 20, 2018

108 – Gene Editing with TALEN

Gene editing has been the center of attention, affecting everything from plants, to mushrooms, to livestock, to human medicine. However, when we discuss gene editing we typically describe the CRISPR Cas9 system.  Such tools have grabbed recent limelight.  But churning in the background, the other gene editing methods have been making progress for for years, and products are moving rapidly through pipelines toward approval.  Such products will soon be available from Calyxt Corporation. Calyxt Chief Science Officer Dr. Dan Voytas discusses how TALEN, a custom sequence-specific nuclease, functions in gene editing. He contrasts it with the Cas9 system and then describes the company pipeline, with products soon to be on the market. He also discusses regulation of the products derived from TALEN technology.  

Calyxt Corporation website and pipeline here.

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