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February 18, 2018

118 – Pet Vaccines and Pet Foods

Other areas swimming in myth and misinformation involve our pets.  Domesticated animals are part of our lives, and therefore are frequent subjects of marketing shams and dangerous trends.  An animal anti-vaccination movement is alive and well, and a pet food industry is as steeped in half truths, marketing and emotional appeals attempts to skew consumer purchasing trends.  This week’s podcast interviews two experts in the area of pet food and vaccination.  Dr. Debbie Cottrell a veterinarian and the owner of West End Animal Hospital in Newberry, Florida.  She prides herself on an evidence-based practice, and is especially critical of claims that attempt to misinform her clients. Dr. Amy Stone is a small animal veterinarian from the University of Florida with an extensive background in immunology.  We had a wonderful conversation about recent trends, hot topics, and the manipulation of pet owners by unscrupulous marketers and ideologs, that sometimes can have negative outcomes for animals and owners.

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 Dr. Amy Stone’s website


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7 Comments on 118 – Pet Vaccines and Pet Foods

  1. Kevin… enjoy your podcasts… faithful Friday/Saturday listener… but have some problem with the recent #118 podcast… lots of background noise, especially when listening off my iphone via earphone walking the pup… maybe me… some problems on laptop, but better from auxiliary speaker.. background noise was quite disconcerting on earphone… I’m going to listen again via laptop with speaker vs. earphone… maybe my problem, definitely better with laptop’s auxiliary external speaker… but again background noise in these public places can be disconcerting… understand that studio isn’t always convenient or available… but maybe better location within restaurant… again, enjoyed this episode and your podcasts and content.. thanks again for all your work and your efforts ….

    • Hi Steve, Yes, so sorry that the quality was iffy on this one. I did a lot to minimize the issues post-production, but it was still noisy. I love doing live recordings rather than the usual skype interview, but i think I need to do them in a place with less background noise. I do have a good microphone with selective range, but it didn’t seem to make a difference here. Thanks for listening. I’m a scientist trying to be an audio engineer, so I’m learning as we go!

      • Definitely works better on my external speaker off my laptop vs. earphone off iPhone…
        I’m quite sympathetic for your audio podcasts… as I contemplate moving some of my Master Gardener blogs into podcasts… and I’m also not an audio engineer…
        Again, I’m quite impressed and grateful for your podcasts, interviews, and guests (and occasional columns, etc.)… and yes occasional podcasts dealing with our pets I would find quite interesting… these two DVM were “right on”… of course, along with all the very informative podcast “news”… thanks again…

  2. Hey! I’ve been eyeballing this podcast for a while, and finally I saw this episode in particular and got really excited. I’m about to graduate with two biotech certifications and just happily quit my 3 year job in specialty pet supply. I was suuuper eager to listen to this one, but then I was incredibly disappointed to realize that this episode sounds like you guys are in the middle of a busy kitchen with a terrible microphone. Between the audio quality, the background noise, and the issues with scrubbing using your media player, this episode was unlistenable. Huge disappointment, this could have been my favorite episode

    • Jim,

      I’m sorry, we tried something edgy and different and learned a few things along the way. My advice would be to try it on a different player– and it does get better as the episode goes on.
      The raw input was not great and it was disappointing to try to work with it. I’ll stay out of noisy places in the future. I definitely will have these two on again. They were knowledgeable, funny, and a really good interview. Thanks for your input. Kevin

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