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December 15, 2017

Funding Disclosures

A note from Kevin Folta on funding and transparency:

I always strive to maximize transparency, and for almost three decades have worked in public, academic laboratories where all funding information is freely available.  Because of claims against my integrity I have set a new standard that surpasses all necessary reporting.  Every cent for research, reimbursement for a lunch, a paid-for taxi ride- it is all here in one of the following links.

As you explore, take note about how funds that could have gone to me personally (honoraria, etc) just about always go back into outreach programs.

Research Funding:

Workshop Funding:

All Reimbursements and Paid/Unpaid Projects:  Click here! (updated quarterly)

The Talking Biotech Podcast, this page, and all associated server fees, equipment, etc are paid 100% personally by Kevin Folta, out of pocket.