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February 18, 2018

The Talking Biotech Podcast is Live!

The Talking Biotech Podcast is a podcast dedicated to content on the topic of biotechnology. These powerful methods have been extremely useful in medicine and agriculture, and hold great potential for the future.  Despite their promise, there is substantial skepticism in the public regarding these technologies.  A food-secure population, a profitable fear-driven anti-biotech industry, and a lack of scientific literacy hinders application of these technologies from reaching those that could use them. The companies and scientists that understand biotechnology are not explaining it well to the a curious public.

Dr. Kevin M. Folta has a background in both biology and communications.  He has studied biology and agricultural biotechnology for over thirty years.  At the same time he trained in competitive speaking events, served as a teacher in these areas, and performed countless seminars and consultations on science communications.

The weekly podcast is divided into four sections:

1. Questions answered from twitter using the hashtag #talkingbiotech

2. A weekly guest

3. A story of crop domestication, talking about the history of an important crop plant

The purpose is to help the communicate topics in plant and animal biotechnology to a concerned public. Strengths and limitations of the technology will be discussed, in the interest of accelerating application of safe technologies that can help the environment, the needy, the farmer and the consumer.

100% funded personally by Kevin M. Folta


Disclaimer – The content of this website and podcast represents the commentary of Kevin M. Folta and the guests, and may not represent the views of the University of Florida or the Horticultural Sciences Department, or any of its employees or students.

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  1. I am so excited for this podcast and was so happy to see when you announced it via FaceBook. Sincerest thanks to you for providing such an informative and valuable outlet and fighting against disinformation and fear mongering.

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