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February 18, 2018

043 Indian Farmer Suicides

 043 Ind Farm Suic
In discussion of genetically engineered crops  there is frequent reference to farmer suicides in India.  Claims are made that Indian farmers build massive debt for cotton seeds, they become beholden to Monsanto for the money, and then kill themselves.  This story is repeated ad nauseum by Vandana Shiva and others that exploit the untimely deaths of farmers for political gain, and to foment anger against biotechnology.  Today’s podcast features Dr. Ronald Herring.  Dr. Herring is a Professor of Government and International Professor of Agriculture and Rural Development at Cornell University. Dr. Herring is a social scientist that has carefully studied the situation in India.  Guest host Kavin Senapathy interviews Dr. Herring and provides perspective of a first-generation Indian-American in the discussion.

Kavin Senapathy is a science writer and mom, who frequently writes for Forbes and other venues.  Her twitter handle is @ksenapathy


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1 Comment on 043 Indian Farmer Suicides

  1. Herring pulling no punches: Vandana Shiva, like Donald Trump, “utterly untethered to facts”. And liking her to celebrity-based misinformation on vaccines, and even Scientology.


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